1. "whoa its knuckles he’s so cool" said tails 
    "shut the fuck up" sonic hedgehog said beating tails senseless.


  2. Short Crossover between Deathnote, Naruto, and Family Guy.


  3. "Knuckles, put on some dramatic music!" Knuckles put on "Its my life" by Linkin Park. Yoshi shot the monster 150million times.


  4. "I…I’m sorry!" Hitler said, running away covering his mustache with his hands. "Please don’t hate me Senpai!" He cried out, as tears ran


  5. "Quick sonic KISS me" siad tails. "Sorry tales im not gay wish i could save you" sonic said as tales Died.


  6. "Who are you?" Batman gruffly asked the individual.
    "I’m FREAKAZOID!" came the immediate response,


  7. Fred Durst screamed as the song kicked into high gear, the crowd and Captain America going nuts, their energy aiding Goku


  8. Someone asks Superman if he can “catch them all!” Superman becomes addicted to Pokemon.


  9. Kurt Cobain from Nirvana joins the brawl. Kurt pulls out a shotgun and begins to shoot Pit


  10. minespatch said: Is there a chance you could bring out a transparency pack for the 'congratulations' gif you made? I want to do something for my blog.

    i’m not sure what you mean but hopefully this is of some use to you