1. Someone asks Superman if he can “catch them all!” Superman becomes addicted to Pokemon.


  2. Kurt Cobain from Nirvana joins the brawl. Kurt pulls out a shotgun and begins to shoot Pit


  3. minespatch said: Is there a chance you could bring out a transparency pack for the 'congratulations' gif you made? I want to do something for my blog.

    i’m not sure what you mean but hopefully this is of some use to you


  4. 1: i did away with that stupid image format i previously used. i’ll try to keep the frame order readable and not a weird puzzle from now on.

    2: from now i will also post these on twitter yes that’s a really cheap plug


  5. The name Sonic, Sonic the hedgehog,the worlds fastest hero. As you can see I’m pregnant with my first child,so I’m currently out of hero bus


  6. Sonic, Tails, and Rouge were outside of the E3 Video Game convention trying to get in. Unfortunately, Sonic had eaten their passes


  7. Garfield and Charles Barkley decided the only way to kill the wasp was to burn down the house, and they were right.


  8. Anonymous said: A clapping Metroid. What

    the original fic just said metroid. for all i know the creator meant a metroid clapping, the videogame metroid clapping, or samus clapping


  9. Anonymous said: if it's not too much trouble, could you also isolate the breaking bad congrats gif as well?

    just have all of them 


  10. "OH no my dad is dead!" Bart said. His sister’s started crying but his mother was kind of glad he was dead